What’s Here for You

  • Awareness of the financial stress that MS puts on patients
  • Awareness of the impact MS has on employers and society 
  • Economic impact of MS on the US healthcare system
  • Outside resources for patients regarding financial assistance
  • Resources to help patients proactively seek financial and legal support
Understanding the financial burden MS puts on patients and society

Costs for patient and care partners

Resources for your patients

Costs for society

61% of people living with MS have household incomes below $50,000/year. Half of these households earn less than $25,000/year. 45

What You Can Do

  • Encourage patients to closely manage their disease. This may improve outcomes and cost-effectiveness of treatment
  • Work with patients who are employed to proactively address the impact of MS on their jobs
  • Inform patients about governmental resources and legal protections to which they are entitled
  • Identify the source of financial difficulty your patient is experiencing
  • Refer patients to appropriate sources of financial assistance
  • Ensure care partners are also informed about the costs of MS