Building a Care Plan

Building a care plan involves creating specific treatment goals around the unique needs of each patient with MS and helping them achieve those goals with medication and/or rehabilitation. You can make a meaningful difference to your patients by helping them with everything from symptom management to addressing financial challenges. Doing so will help keep patients engaged and encourage them to ultimately self-manage their condition.

Understanding the Needs of Patients With MS

Review considerations to meet the needs of the patient

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Clinical Symptom Management for MS

Learn ways to help manage the clinical symptoms of your patients with MS outside of prescriptions drugs, as part of their care plan

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Psychological Symptom Management for MS

Understand ways to recognize and manage depression and anxiety in patients with MS

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Compliance With the Care Plan

View ways to encourage patients with MS to stay with a care plan once it has been formulated, based on their needs

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Addressing Financial Challenges of Patients With MS

Examine the financial challenges a patient with MS may face, as well as resources to help them

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Empowering Patients With MS

Review techniques patients can use to manage their MS on their own

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