Below are several tools and worksheets for you to share with your patients and their support partners. Click on these tools to download and share.

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  • My MS Goal-Setting Guide

    A helpful guide that establishes specific, realistic goals for your patients to guide them through their journey with MS.

  • My MS Healthcare Team

    A handy sheet that allows your patients to keep their healthcare team information in one place.

  • My Medications

    A useful sheet that your patients can fill out to help keep track of their medications, as well as, have the information ready if a member of their healthcare team requires it.

  • MS Definitions

    There are a lot of terms used when talking about MS. This sheet gives some of the more common phrases and definitions that they may come across.

  • The Different Types of MS

    Every MS patient is different, and this resource explains the different types of MS and how they can develop over time.

  • Resources for Researching MS

    Knowledge is power. This guide contains a list of organizations available to help educate your patients as they manage their MS.

  • Discussing MS With Employers

    Figuring out how to talk to employers can feel like a challenge, and this resource can help patients navigate the discussion.

  • Exploring Your Benefits

    This guide will take patients through the benefits that may be available to them and explain how best to utilize those resources.

  • Adapting to Life for Support Partners

    MS doesn't just impact the people who have it, but the whole family. This resource helps to provide guidance and support to their loved ones.

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